LORENA Iñiguez

Zapateado (foot-tapping), Dancer, Vihuela, Jarana, Flute, Ayoyotes (Ankle shakers), Cajon (box drum), Quijada (donkey jaw), claves, and Guiro

Lorena Iñiguez

was born in Chicago and began dancing at age six in a dance troupe led by her father. She later joined the Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago where she has excelled as one of the company’s principal dancers. She studied Communications at Northeastern Illinois University under a dance scholarship with resident flamenco troupe Ensemble Español.
Lorena Azteca

In 2004, Lorena was invited to join Sones de México Ensemble as a dancer and an instrumentalist. Having no prior experience as an instrumentalist, she apprenticed with the ensemble and quickly developed working skills in the vihuela, jarana, flute, and small percussion. Her combination of skills and stage presence make her a unique addition to the ensemble.

When not performing, Lorena is an active dance and music teacher at various public and private institutions including the Chicago Public School system and the Old Town School of Folk Music.

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