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The award winning Ensemble specializes in everything from exciting large scale concerts to children's shows, educational presentations and in-school programs.

CONCERTS: Sones de México Ensemble has performed at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall in New York City, Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., but the group is equally at home in nightclubs, church basements, cultural centers and small auditoriums.

PRIVATE EVENTS: Take your special event to the next level! Sones de México Ensemble will work with you and your budget to craft customized and unforgettable experiences for private parties, weddings or corporate events.  

EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS: Sones de México Ensemble has created special multimedia presentations that educate audiences of all ages on the history, culture and geography behind Mexican folk music.

IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Every member of Sones de México Ensemble is committed to education and participates in programs we’ve designed that teach various aspects of Mexican culture and music to children, teens and adults.

STAGE PLOTS: Resources- Download Sones de México Ensemble stage plots for your event.

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