Fiesta Mexicana

Family Program

Fiesta Mexicana is a 45-minute interactive concert for kids and their parents based on an album of the same name. It involves all the musicians of Sones de Mexico Ensemble. The program includes seven or eight songs and a fair amount of storytelling and interactive games between the songs that can be delivered in English or in Spanish.

The group embarks on a journey through Mexican music and the magic world that surrounds it. Children begin by learning about the four sacred elements of nature for the Aztecs: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Then they learn songs about different animals that inhabit the Mexican ecosystem, including the acamaya (a crawfish), the crocodile, the legendary mermaid, a mouse, a buzzard, a duck, and even a cat! Kids will clap Mexican rhythms and learn the difference between a slow and a fast tempo with the help of Doña Sabina, a 100-year-old special guest. First and foremost, everyone in the audience will learn how fun it is to play and dance Mexican music.

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