Gonzalo Cordova

Guitar, Vocals

is an interpreter of music…

sones-de-mex_hwlibrary-10His background is steeped in traditional and popular Latin music ranging from Nuevo Flamenco to Mexican Folk.

His unique fusions of these and other World genres, rhythms and styles make his performances as a solo artist a true adventure.

Born and raised in Mexico, Gonzalo grew up with the traditional folk music of his mother. His father was a Spaniard who listened to Flamenco and Tangos.

Later, he was influenced by the music of his times, the New Chilean song movement, popular songs like Baladas and Boleros, and most interesting to him, the Canto Nuevo Popular from Mexico, and La Nueva Trova Cubana.

Once in Chicago, his talent and charisma lead him to become one of the founding members of Sones De Mexico Ensemble in 1994. He was the lead singer performing hundreds of shows in the city and on tour over the next eight years. With Sones De Mexico Ensemble, he recorded two albums Que Florezca! (Let It Bloom!) and Fandango on 18th Street (both available on iTunes).sones-de-mex_hwlibrary-29

sdm_g1_summer_2016-1-1Still interested in experiencing new music styles, he formed Lunares a Rumba Flamenca group as well as the band El Mitote, a group that incorporated rhythm, fusion and tradition by blending Indigenous, African, Spanish and European traditions.

As a Solo artist, he has taken the beauty of all these musical styles to make a sound distinctly his.