Dancing Workshop

Mimetic Dancing is an Afro-Mexican style of dance based on a music tradition that comes from the county of Tixtla Mexico, in the state of Guerrero about 100 miles in from the West Coast of Mexico.

It  known as MIMETIC DANCING because dancers imitate the movements of different animals.

The workshop that we teach works well for children from Pre-K and Kindergarten through fourth or fifth grade.

In our album Fiesta Mexicana, we have a recording of five of these songs from Tixtla…

…EL TORO (The Bull)…  
…EL ZOPILOTE (The Buzzard)…  
…EL PATO (The Duck)…  
…EL GATO (The Cat)  
…LA IGUANA (The Iguana)…  

Aside from the students having fun dancing they also learn;

(a) about a VERY UNIQUE AFRO-MEXICAN TRADITION that they may have not heard about before.

(b) about DIFFERENT ANIMALS that live in Mexico, and how they move and behave differently.

(c) about CREATING SOMETHING NEW, after you have identified a pattern and the rules of the style

(d) about standing in front of your peers, overcoming stage fright, and EXPRESSING YOURSELF ARTISTICALLY before an audience.

If you are interested in this program please contact us and we will be happy to answer any quesitons. Thank you Sones de México Ensemble

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