Levitt VIBE Belmont Cragin Music Series

Sones de México Ensemble will perform a FREE outdoor concert to begin the 2024 Levitt VIBE Belmont Cragin Music Series, bringing people of all ages, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds together […]

Cosmic Crossroads Concert and Livestream

Sones de México Ensemble joins the festivities marking the total solar eclipse that will pass directly over Carbondale, IL on April 8, the second time in 7 years that Carbondale […]

In Concert: Corridos Mexicanos

Folklorist and Sones de Mexico Ensemble co-founder Juan Dies presents a corrido recital for Day of the Dead Columbus 2022. The corrido is a 150‐year-old Mexican ballad tradition that narrates […]

Beyond The Music: A Musical Geography of Mexico

Sones de Mexico Ensemble and the Consulate General of Mexico – El Paso, TX “Viernes Cultural” series present a special live stream version of our signature “Beyond the Music: A […]